Located in Khai Hotel Karaköy, Opaque offers a unique dining experience under the leadership of Executive Chef Nilay Lale. In its menu, it brings together global flavors with a Mediterranean touch and is inspired by Far Eastern and Indian cuisine. It invites you to enjoy its signature cocktails and carefully selected wine menu, accompanied by the historical panorama of Istanbul and the Golden Horn view. Located in the lively Karaköy area, Opaque offers its guests a perfect environment on its terrace for pre-dinner snacks or post-dinner conversations.

Opaque kitchen is led by Executive Chef Nilay Lale, who transforms each plate into a unique work of art and elevates taste experiences. The unique interpretations of the successful chef provide Opaque guests with memories that remain etched in their taste and smell memories.
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The secret of the unforgettable tastes is hidden in the fact that they come out of professional hands. The unique Opaque cuisine, create by Chef Nilay Lale, offers the most popular tastes from different cultures of the world on the west coast. Selections from world cuisine prepared by the chef leave unforgettable memories for the guests. In Opaque kitchen, which is carefully studied like an art workshop, the presentations that come out with the final touches of Executive Chef Nilay Lale are dazzling.

Gourmet Flavors


Opaque , serving within the body of Khai Hotel Karaköy, located in the most beautiful area of ​​the city; It promises an enjoyable dinner experience with the touches of master chefs. You can experience the fascinating beauty of Istanbul with the taste of Opaque.

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