After the holidays, the ones that are most pleasantly remembered are the memories that have stuck in your memory of all sences. Khai Hotel Bodrum offers a unique selection of professional and high-end culinary experiences. Bringing professional interpretations of the most admired flavors of the world cuisine to its guests, Khai Hotel Bodrum invites you to an unforgettable journey of taste through Tuzz Bodrum with its unique style, stylish interior design, charming location and menu that makes every moment of the day privileged.

The cuisine of Tuzz is led by Executive Chef Nilay Lale, who takes each guest on a culinary adventure through a new experiences to the next level.

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The secret of the unforgettable tastes is hidden in the fact that they come out of professional hands. The unique Tuzz cuisine, create by Chef Nilay Lale, offers the most popular tastes from different cultures of the world on the west coast. Selections from world cuisine prepared by the chef leave unforgettable memories for the guests. In Tuzz kitchen, which is carefully studied like an art workshop, the presentations that come out with the final touches of Executive Chef Nilay Lale are dazzling.

Gourmet Flavors


Providing service with the concept of casual fine dining restaurant, Tuzz Bodrum has taken its place among the most preferred restaurants in Bodrum with its bohemian and stylish design, distinguished menu and professional kitchen team working under the leadership of Executive Chef Nilay Lale. Meticulously prepared and uniquely interpreted flavors promise an unforgettable experience in the charming location of the restaurant. Join us.

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